Ashraf=Most Honorable

I have decided that having Ashraf in your name automatically makes you a quality individual. There is my father, Ashraf Sufi and of course me, Saira Ashraf Sufi-I am very modest as well ;). There is Gazala Ashraf who has been able to capture Hadi in her amazing drawings. Then there is Naeem Ashraf. I originally met Naeem through Gazala but Aamir and him also happen to be close friends. Naeem helped decorate the room Aamir and I officially got married in at the mosque while the rest of the wedding party was attending other festivities. He also sent us the first gift for the twins and I giddily danced around my kitchen when I discovered he had sent Jayhawk onesies. Not a pretty sight considered I was fairly rotund at that point (tip-never call a pregnant woman rotund, I still have not forgiven the woman in the Booz Allen elevator for that). Anyway, Naeem is also a foodie and let's just say, I am not sure I let Aamir have any of the Levain Bakery cookies gifted to us. Then there is Naeem's better half, Ferheen. On the day of Hadi's funeral, I ran into Ferheen and her daughter in the restroom. Ferheen looked beautiful as ever and she was expecting their second daughter and I am sure she was exhausted but the calmness and patience she had with Talia was incredible. She is also an badass immigration lawyer, mashAllah. All of this is to say I was very pleased to see that they had donated to the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund (HAARF) and appreciated the explanation:

"The reason why we made an initial donation to the HARRF, is so that the funds that are collected can go towards researching and finding better methods for treating Aplastic Anemia (AA) and finding a cure for this blood disorder. We are not big Facebook people but we made sure to check every day to see if you had posted an update about Hadi as we made dua for him every night. Hopefully this research fund will help patients fighting this blood disorder and also help the family members in providing them better education about the AA and even possibly providing them a support group too."

Click Here to Donate to The Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund


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