Cloth napkins wipe away tears well.

You know what’s tough? Listening to the amazing recitation of Quran by one of Hadi’s classmates and realizing I won’t be able to hear Hadi’s beautiful recitation again. Well, in this life anyway. That being said, you know what is also pretty awesome? Being able to watch Zakaria and Leena be surrounded by a loving community and realizing that Hadi is pleasing others with his recitation and also running around causing mischief. Is there such a thing as mischief in Jannah? Emaan...what to say? I can distinctly remember meeting her parents and liking them and cracking up when Zakee imitated Zakaria talking philosophically on the first day of preschool. Pokemon, Spiderman, her desire to give gifts to the boys. Seeing you today in that dress and sneakers was awesome. And only you could come up with such perfect language....

In lieu of party favors, we have donated to Be The Match Foundation and Aplastic Anemia & MDS Foundation



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