How Can You Not Love Wegman's?

I have an eye appointment today. I signed up for both eyeglasses and contacts but I haven't really worn my contacts since Hadi was diagnosed. The shear amount of tears made it hard to keep them in my eyes. Wegman's is my writing location today as I wait for the eye appointment and as I think about the day ahead, I smile thinking about another Aplastic Anemia Warrior learning the Rock Chalk chant for me and how these kids truly do embody what it means to be resilient. I am thinking of her because while I have to deal with an annoying eye appointment, I never have had to worry about losing my vision because of Aplastic Anemia and a fungal infection. I miss my son and as I look over at the couch in the Wegman's cafe sitting area and imagine Hadi and Zakaria just being silly, I can also clearly see Hadi slyly turning his head to me with that awesome grin as if to say, "turn to Allah (SWT) Mommy, you will be fine." He probably would then force me to not watch anything else about a wall. Wegman's coffee isn't too bad, in case you were wondering. I loved preparing the outside healing garden yesterday with Aamir and Zakaria and am annoyed that it is quite chilly today. But seriously, what do I have to complain about, I have coffee and a warm place to chill. I keep wondering which days are going to be tougher for me than others (once a planner....) and it hit me that today is January 7th. Hadi and Zakaria's birthday is June 7th. Day by day my friend, day by day. And what gets me through each day? I should probably put prayer first but come on, let's be honest, we all know it's coffee and chocolate and the idea that TeamWatience is playing a small part in ensuring more bone marrow transplant and research success stories.



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