It's A Boy! We shall name him Babaganoush.

Team Watience has over 500 likes on Facebook. I truly am grateful to have so many people following me on this journey. That being said, I hate this journey. I have always taught my children to not use the word hate but ya know what, I freaking HATE this journey. Granted, I have learned a lot about myself and appreciate all that Allah (SWT) has given me in this world while also trying to focus on the afterlife but as I sit up here in my brother's attic, I just want my Hadi to come running in here and ask if he can go play basketball with his older cousins. I want to see him school all them on MarioKart. I want to laugh at the difference of the items him and Zakaria pick out as gifts from my parents. Hadi would have probably picked out a new basketball while Zakaria chose a boy doll from American Girl, though he also insisted on getting the little XBox accessory to go with it.

The Sufi side of the family is coming over tonight and it stings a little bit to know I won't get to see Hadi and Zakaria go up to everyone and hug them together. It will also continue to make me tear up a bit to hear Zakaria confuse my brothers' names and say, "but why does Amir Mammoo say he is not as cool as Awais Mammoo but Awais Mammoo says the same thing about Amir Mammoo?" Hadi also used to call them by the wrong names.

I hate aplastic anemia and pokes, transfusions, acyclovir, cyclosporine, tacrolimus, amphotericin, chemotherapy, radiation, among many other things. Yes, I hate them all and I know a better solution is out there and you will support the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund to ensure it is found. If this journey that I never desired to be on has taught me anything, it is to enjoy the little things, such as enjoying a nice cup of coffee while feeling a cool breeze after a heat wave...just have to make sure I use my Team Watience coaster.


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