Never be unmindful of your own dignity.

I am at my parents’ house and just got scolded by my mother for being upstairs without the heat on. I am all comfy under a blanket and said I was perfectly of course she came upstairs and put the heat to 72. ❤️ Mothers. 

My folks just got back from Pakistan and man, I feel loved. I have a new collection of kurtas that we’re gifted to me. I wanted to go to Pakistan with my parents but well...Verizon had other plans. Yes, my Urdu is non existent and I wouldn’t call myself “cultural”...but I would love to be in Gulburg, showing Zakaria and Hadi where Farooq Thai yelled at me for picking out a rose in the garden before a wedding. 

Zakaria and I watched “Harriet” yesterday and it took me back to when I worked at Watkins Museum of History in Lawrence and there was a house that represented a stop on the Underground Railroad. I prefer that memory to the one where some visitors to the museum came by and were clearly supporters of Quantrill. Wanna ask me my thoughts about KU-Mizzou again? Sit down, Norm.

What does Allah have in store for me? Who knows? The ride has been, um...yeah, I don’t even know what to call it. That being said, whatever it is, I will hear my mother’s voice scolding me with love. 

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