Wait, how much is valet?

Another event done. I am exhausted and should probably be talked down from getting a tattoo on my back that says badass. Control my ego? Maybe...but I am proud that Allah (SWT) gave me the skill to handle the various details that go on in an event, along with incredible co-workers.

Connecting with Smithsonian folks as well as the National Park Service reminds me that moved to DC 18 years ago to work on Capitol Hill and I still get all giddy when listening to the history of places like The Decatur House. I can’t wait to show Zakaria the new interpretation of the slave quarters.

I am waiting for my car to be pulled up and as I sit in the Capital Hilton, I smile thinking how excited I used to get walking into a room after an event day. This time around, I fell asleep quickly and just missed Zakaria sprawling on the bed. I wish I took more advantage of the awesome room I was given but honestly I was annoyed that kept walking towards the bar area when I was trying to find the bathroom.

Who hoo! Car is here. On to deal with DC traffic. 😊 By the way...$62.


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